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Praise + Press

Love for Chanel Cumberbatch

I recommend Chanel if you are looking for clarity, sound advice, stepping up your game...

“I've run a coaching and consulting business for the past 15 years. At one point, I was feeling stuck and disenchanted with the direction that my business was going. I was a part of Chanel's group on Facebook and she was a breath of fresh air. She spreads her knowledge and advice freely.

She was the real deal so I jumped at the opportunity of working with her. The sessions were eye opening. She felt like an old friend that I had known for years, but with the wisdom and knowledge of an elder. She coached and not told, meaning she made me a part of the entire process. It was a beautiful thing.

I left feeling ten times better about the direction that my business should take and knowing exactly what I needed to do to get there. During our coaching sessions she was attentive, and asked me probing questions that assisted her in taking me to the next level, pushing me further and making me think on another level. I recommend Chanel if you are looking for clarity, sound advice, stepping up your game, productivity tips or overall sound advice. She is a dynamic coach! One of the best that I've seen in my 15 years of business.”

Nicole Taylor (Business Coach)

She offers so much more than business strategy...

"I met with Chanel when I had been in business for all of two minutes. She really kicked my butt in the best possible way.

In just a few minutes she really opened my eyes up to what I was doing right and what I could be doing better.

She made me really value myself. She stayed on top of me after our call to make sure I was following through with the things we discussed. The accountability was amazingly helpful.

The confidence I got to let my personality shine through was priceless to me. I now have clients coming to me, my website screams my name, and I’m overall happier in my business. Not working with Chanel would be the biggest mistake you make both personally and professionally. She offers so much more than business strategy, she teaches you to believe in yourself.

Ashley Love (Brand Strategist)

Such a pleasure!

“I wasn’t really sure who I was trying to help and how to run a business because they don’t really teach you that in college. Prior to signing up with Chanel, I’d Google for hours on end, watch numerous videos, and signed up for too many webinars.

Getting conflicting advice which caused massive overwhelm and lead to inaction.

As a result of working with Chanel, I discovered how important it is to know your ideal client, how to use inbound marketing to attract them, and more. The best thing was that it was in bite size pieces with actionable items to get me moving and get through the overwhelm.

I learned how to conduct Market Research, determine my pricing, and use Social Media and become Visible to attract my ideal clients. If you are looking to create a strategy and run a business that makes a difference in your client's’ life then working with Chanel is for you!

Brittany Marie (Business and Mindset Coach)

Chanel was just the Expert I needed to up-level my vision and my business!

"She was able to quickly assess the work I’d already done on my service offerings and talk through clear strategies for me to consider and implement immediately. Because of her excellent one on one approach and amazing course offering, I was able to create the perfect upsell and sales page to launch my own course and coaching options.

Working with Chanel was the best decision I could have made to reach my goals. If you have the opportunity to work with her DO IT! Your business will thank you. Thank you Chanel!

Tesa Colvin (Business Strategist)

I can not recommend talking to this lady enough...

“I was a bit overwhelmed with the amount of ideas I have for my business and how to get them done when I have no tech experience, and honestly that side of things makes my head go fuzzy!!

Chanel very quickly and easily explained the best option for me, how exactly to do it all and in a way I totally understood. Chanel recommended I used Kajabi for my membership website, so I signed up and the NEXT day had been able to upload a course MYSELF because I was able to contact her with any question because she was so willing and able to help, sending screen shots and walking me through the process.

I now have a very clear plan for my next steps, and all this was from a 30 minute call!! Incredible, I highly recommend Chanel

Natalie Jenkins (Business and Mindset Coach)

You've really helped me so much!

Chanel is a joy to work with, she makes thing easy and I loved her simple yet thorough video tutorial she provided for me. She's available to answer any questions I have, and since working together

Chanel is not only a co-creator, she's a friend!

Rachel-Yvonne (Success Coach)

I am now more familiar with marketing strategies and tools...

“I have 4 pages of notes on everything from how I can better market myself, how to niche down, how to find my target audience and even the tech stuff that no one likes to do. I highly recommend her services to anyone that is serious about taking their business to the next level.

Melena Saddler (Life Coach)