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How To Create Powerful VIP Days With Your Business


How many hours per day do you spend on the phone with clients? Or working on client projects?

If you’re like most entrepreneurs, the answer is often “more than I want to.”

Let’s face it, coaching and consulting can be exhausting. Sure, you love working with different clients, and you get a real charge out of being able to help someone overcome their issues and achieve their goals.

But it’s still taxing to be on the phone all day, every day. And add to that the need to constantly be looking for new clients, and you’ve got a recipe for burnout.

That’s why so many business owners are beginning to offer VIP days. Simply put, a VIP day is a whole day spent with a single client (or maybe two or three, depending on your preferences). Rather than jumping from call to call and trying to keep up with multiple clients and their various issues, you can simply focus on a single client and a single goal.

Even better, with coaches and consultants routinely charging as much as $10,000 for a VIP day, you can see that scheduling just 4 clients per month can bring in more than a whole week’s worth of one-on-one calls.

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How VIP Days Work

Typically, clients will travel to your location. You might choose to meet in your home, in a rented meeting space, or in a hotel. You can also host virtual VIP days via Skype or phone, if you prefer.

Your VIP day will be tightly focused and have a single goal.

If your market is online business owners and you are a genius at book writing, your VIP days might be designed to get a client to plan, outline, and begin writing her first book.

Or, if you're a kick-ass copywriter who's great at sales funnels, you might focus your day around helping your client write an entire sales funnel sequence under your direction. 

Your VIP clients receive the benefit of your expertise, your undivided attention, and a day spent simply focusing on the task at hand. It’s a powerful way to get things done, and unlike conferences and other training programs, it encourages clients to actually do the work on site, rather than going home with a notebook full of ideas they'll never implement!


VIP days also make for a great opportunity to upsell your client into an ongoing group coaching program. After all, they'll likely need support after they gets back home, and regular coaching sessions with other VIP clients is a great way to get the support they needs to continue working towards their goals.

Planning Your VIP Day

Some of us like to fly by the seat of our pants. We “go with the flow,” and relish the flexibility our online, self-employed status gives us. I get it.

But when you’re planning your VIP day, freeform flexibility is the kiss of death. Your VIP day has a goal, and in order to reach it, you have to stay on track. And that, of course, requires careful planning.

Step 1: Make An Appointment Schedule

Every minute of your day should be planned out, from when and where you’ll be having breakfast, to the exact minute of departure. By leaving nothing to chance, you’ll eliminate the possibility of running overtime, and never have to worry about missing an important lesson or learning opportunity.

In addition, your attendees will know exactly what to expect as well, so they can be prepared ahead of time and make the most of your day together.


A page from any appointment calendar will work for mapping out your day. Begin with the non-negotiables:

  • Meal times (allow for travel if necessary)
  • Check-out times (for the hotel or resort)
  • Breaks

Next, fill in other must-have times:

  • Introductions (if you’ll have more than one VIP in attendance)
  • Guest speakers
  • Work time (for independent or group study)

If your VIP day is actually two or three days, then you’ll also want to include time away from the main location.

This may seem like very little time is left for actual coaching, but if you keep your VIP day focused on a single outcome, it’s more than enough to give all your attendees the attention they deserve.

Step 2: Publish Your Schedule

Don’t forget to share your schedule with your VIPs. Having this document in hand before they arrive will help them prepare for the event. They’ll know ahead of time what questions they want to be sure to ask, what documents or other information they should bring with them, and even what to pack.


Not only that, but planning your VIP day well in advance leaves no room for falling into rabbit holes and other unproductive time.

You want to be sure your attendees get great value from their day with you, so keeping everyone on track is important, and will make you a VIP Day superstar!

What kind of VIP Days can you offer your audience? What would make the MOST impact in their lives? Start planning today and get ready to increase your impact AND your income!​

Have questions about creating your own VIP Days? Drop them below and I'll give you some tips and tricks!

About the Author

Chanel Cumberbatch is an Online Course Strategist and Marketing Coach. She helps coaches and consultants escape the hamster wheel of one-on-one work and scale by creating online courses and programs, giving you the ability to increase your impact AND your income, without burning out!