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Helping You Elevate Your Content & Turn Your Copy Into Cash

Attention Online Business Owners...

Do you KNOW you have an important message to get out there... but NO ONE is listening?

Have you been posting content on social media and getting nothing but crickets?

Or maybe you'll get a few likes here and there, but they're just not turning into sales?

Is your blog more of a ghost town, than the lead generating, income creating machine you dreamed it would be?​

Would you love to be able to write content that resonates with your ideal client and leaves them BEGGING to work with you?

Are you ready to turn your content into $$$?!

How would YOU like to be the person who wields the power of copy (you know, the written word your content is made of) like a powerful MAGNET?

What if every status update, blog post, article and sales page you created brought you leads and paying clients?

What if people actually PAID ATTENTION to what you had to say... Every. Single. Time.

That's the power of copy, baby!

Powerful copy in your content will make 3 specific things happen in your biz:

Your ideal client will pay attention to you and actually READ your content.

People will SEEK you out, and become your fans/followers.

They'll realize you're not "a" solution. No. You're THE only solution to their problems!

That's the "know, like and trust factor" in action! All thanks to expert level content.

But here's the thing, you do NOT have to be a copywriter to write expert level copy.

But what you DO need, is to learn exactly what MAKES expert level copy.

Then you also need someone to audit your content and give you feedback. And finding "that person" is hard!

Who reads your content now? Your mom, uncle, sister... brother?

Or maybe you read your content out loud to your dog?! (No judgement here)

The BIGGEST problem with this method is that your family/friends/dog are usually NOT:

  • Your ideal client.
  • Objective enough to give you useful feedback.
  • Available at your "beck and call" to review your sales page, FB posts etc etc.

So it's impossible for them to provide you with the type of "content audit" you need, to help you make sure your content is ready to attract your soul mate clients like flies to honey!

And that's a SHAME because you're literally throwing thousands of dollars sown the drain because of this!​

But what if I told you there's a better way?!

  • ​What if you knew your sales pages, Facebook updates, emails and even blog posts were optimized to CONVERT (turn into cash money in your pocket)?
  • What if every time you wondered if your copy was STRONG enough to make an impression, you were provided with an answer?
  • What if you had access to someone who would review your copy and give you immediate and actionable tips on how you could improve it?
  • What if you had access to a marketing expert who would provide you with objective, straightforward dissection of your content, from the viewpoint of your ideal client?

So just WHO am I and why should you listen to me?

My name is Chanel Cumberbatch and I've been dubbed the Queen of Content.

I've used the power of content marketing, relationship building and client attraction to build 3 successful online businesses.​

And I want to help you accomplish the same!​

When I joined the online marketing world, I was just one more person in a sea of faces... How on Earth could I stand out?

With my CONTENT. But not just any content, no.

With expert level content!

But in order to create expert level copy, you need to learn HOW to create and write content that converts. And that is NO easy task.

So I dove into any and everything I could learn about content writing + marketing and I put it into practice.

As a result, here's what happened:

  •  I started building a tribe of raving fans, people who learned from me and sent me tons of (paying) business.
  •  I became known for the value and knowledge I provide, even in large online groups of 30K+ members.
  •  I was honored with the opportunity to: write for the Huffington Post, be featured on multiple podcasts and participate in numerous online summits.
  • I started attracting soul mate clients who seek ME out and request to work with me.
  • I've booked numerous consultations just from a SINGLE Facebook post.
  • I've brought in leads from Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and even The Huffington Post!

All because of my content!

These days, I constantly have people  asking me HOW I'm able to remain so visible online and how I mastered the art of content marketing.

And previously my secrets were reserved for my private clients, who take my tips are RUN to implement them.

But don't take my word for it, here's what a few of them have had to say:

"I feel like she goes above and beyond with not only how much value she offers..."

"I have a copywriting business and decided to work with Chanel so that she could help me with my strategy. I already knew she was great at design because I have seen her make logos, design emails and landing pages, and create graphics. She posts lots of valuable info in Facebook groups and I make sure to check out her content because it’s always helpful.

I was very happy with our coaching sessions as well. She was really hands on and did her research about my business before our first session. She offered me some great advice on how to be more visible, what type of content I should be posting, and how to make my brand come together visually. Chanel is so encouraging and supportive, and had tons of great ideas on how I could build my list and find clients.

I feel like she goes above and beyond with not only how much value she offers, but also in the extra time she spends on you with email support and just checking in to see how everything is going and giving some feedback. You will get the tools and info you need from her, but you have to do the work yourself. If you do that, there is no way you won’t see results. Thanks, Chanel!"


"I am now more familiar with marketing strategies and tools..."

"I have 4 pages of notes on everything from how I can better market myself, how to niche down, how to find my target audience and even the tech stuff that no one likes to do. I highly recommend her services to anyone that is serious about taking their business to the next level."


"Chanel was just the Expert I needed to uplevel my vision and business..."

“Chanel was just the Expert I needed to up-level my vision and my business! She was able to quickly assess the work I’d already done on my service offerings and talk through clear strategies for me to consider and implement immediately. Because of her excellent one on one approach and amazing course offering, I was able to create the perfect up-sell and sales page to launch my own course and coaching options.

Working with Chanel was the best decision I could have made to reach my goals. If you have the opportunity to work with her DO IT! Your business will thank you. Thank you Chanel!"


Please note, that my private clients have to pay THOUSANDS of dollars to have access to my content audits, but you can join The Copy Audit Club for a FRACTION of the price!

As a Founding Member of The Content Audit Club...

In The Content Audit Club, I'll help you elevate your copy to new heights, so you can start bringing in BIG bucks.

You'll have access to private content audits which cover digestibility, readability, flow, persuasion and goal of content.

With 3 different membership levels, you have the power to choose the amount of support you desire!

*As a Founding Member, you'll lock in these introductory rates for an entire YEAR.*

Content Audit


Video/Audio reviews of up to 7 pieces of content *per week* including:

  • Sales Pages
  • Landing Pages
  • Sales Emails
  • LinkedIn Articles
  • Blog Articles

48 hr turnaround

Ideal Client Avatar Workbook

Concept to Content Workbook

$147 / month

5 spaces available

Content Audit 


Video/Audio reviews of up to 10 pieces of content *per week* including:

  • Sales Pages
  • Landing Pages
  • Sales Emails
  • LinkedIn Articles
  • Blog Articles
  • Webinar Slides

48 hr turnaround

Ideal Client Avatar Workbook

Concept to Content Workbook

Monthly Group Content Strategy Call

$247 / month

10 1 space available

Content Audit


Video/Audio reviews of up to 15 pieces of content *per week* including:

  • Sales Pages
  • Landing Pages
  • Sales Emails
  • LinkedIn Articles
  • Blog Articles
  • Webinar Slides
  • Online Challenges

Same day turnaround

Ideal Client Avatar Workbook

Concept to Content Workbook

Monthly Private 45 Minute Content Strategy Call

$497 / month

2 spaces available


When you join The Content Audit Club today as a Founder, at ANY level, you'll also secure a seat at my LIVE online workshop, "The Client Magnet". 

My stunningly effective method for closing sales and attracting soul mate clients.

  • You'll discover the secret behind my 4 part client acquisition framework.
  • How to close sales without pitching anyone.
  • My process for turning leads into clients.
  • The exact systems I use in my business to remain fully booked!

This live training is priced at $197, but you'll receive it for FREE as a member of The Content Audit Club!

You've got questions. I've got answers!

How do I know if The Content Audit Club is for me?

How long is this program?

Who is this program for?

What happens after I join? When is our first call?

What results can I expect from this program?

A Quick Note Before You Head Out

You and I both know you were meant for amazing things. But the thing is... Those amazing things won't just happen to you.

You have to MAKE them happen.

I remember a year ago when I was first transitioning from running my skin care company, to business coaching. I felt like a small fish in a big pond... and there were days when I didn't think I would ever make a name for myself. But I knew I was meant for more. And that's what kept me going.

Now? I get to work with amazing soul mate clients, touch lives every single day and play BIG.

The way I was meant to. 

Now it's time for you to take the responsibility, like I did.

It's time to get the support you need to move forward powerfully. So choose your membership level, click the Elevate My Content Button and join the Club NOW!

"Do something today that your future self will thank you for."

P.S. Still have questions? Click here to contact me or use the live chat option in the right hand corner.