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Freedom Driven, Legacy Building Entrepreneur?

Excellent. You're in the Right Place to Learn How to Fire Your 9-5 for Good!

My name is Chanel Cumberbatch... Business Strategist and Marketing Specialist for freedom driven, legacy building entrepreneurs.

Right now, you’re just not accomplishing what you set out to with your business. What you KNOW you can. You just haven’t been able to connect this passion of yours to major profit and the freedom you desire.

You’re spending SO much time and effort searching high and low for clients… with nothing to show for it. You find yourself wondering if you even have what it takes to build a successful full-time business… and not just a hobby.

Any Of This Ringing A Bell?!

I understand exactly how you feel, because I’ve BEEN there. And let me tell you, your breakthrough is JUST around the corner!

YES you can uplevel your business into the dream biz you've been dreaming about.

​Yes you CAN have the freedom you desire. 

It takes strategy, patience, diligence and guidance!​ And that's what I'm here for!

Chanel stayed on top of me after our call to make sure I was following through with the things we discussed. The accountability was amazingly helpful. The confidence I got to let my personality shine through was priceless to me. I now have clients coming to me, my website screams my name, and I’m overall happier in my business. Not working with Chanel would be the biggest mistake you make both personally and professionally.

Ashley Love 

My Story

I've started not one, not two but THREE businesses!

Yes, three. (Phew!)

And when I started out, I knew NOTHING about business ownership.

I wound up spending SO much time (and money) just trying to "figure things out" and create a business that brought in major bank and didn't burn me out. A business that ran the way it should... like a well oiled machine.  

Chanel Cumberbatch Business Strategist

A business that provided me with the FREEDOM I desired!

With my first business, I made the mistake of "trading time for dollars". I was so exhausted from working IN my businesses, that I had no energy left to work ON my business. And what kind of life is that?! Definitely NOT the one I envisioned.

But my BIGGEST mistake?

Leaving my 9-5 before I had a solid plan.  Before I could actually replace my income. And that put a TON of stress on me!

Thankfully, I was able to grow my business and bring in major cash flow from the marketing strategies I used. But I was tired, worn down and stressed out! Now, that I've "been around the block" a few times, I'm dedicated to helping entrepreneurs create SAVVY exit strategies that set you up to SUCCEED!

Now I get to spending my days working with dedicated, passionate and freedom driven entrepreneurs just like yourself; teaching them how to create wildly successful, purpose filled  scalable businesses that fulfill them completely.  Helping them fire their 9-5's in a smart and savvy way!

So let me ask you... 

Are you ready to FINALLY attain the freedom you desire?​

10 Fun Facts About Me

  • I'm a single mom to a VERY active 4 year old..... Sometimes it feel like I have 3 kids and not one haha!
  • I'm a certified paralegal... I had plans to become a lawyer but realized entrepreneurship was my true calling!
  • I LOVE coffee. I mean, seriously. I've been drinking it since I was 10. And no, it didn't stunt my growth AT ALL.
  • I'm pretty tall! Just shy of 5'10" here! Can you hear me down there? *wink wink*
  • I have a pretty wicked sense of humor. Sarcasm is my THANG! I sure enjoy it, although my mom complains about it ha!
  • I homeschooled myself for a year during High School! Crazy, right?! (Total nerd over here)
  • I use a LOT of exclamation points when I write. I can't help it, I'm just bubbly!
  • I'm into homeopathic medicine. I use essential oils in place of all prescription and OTC meds!
  • My son and I eat 99% organic! Cage free, non GMO, organic you name it!
  • I graduated high school at 16! Yes, I'm a total overachiever haha.