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7 Powerful Steps To Find and Hire Your Soul Mate Coach


Ahhhhh soul mates.

The perfect (for you) person that just makes your day brighter and your life better. Lately, I've been likening SO many things to dating. Marketing, sales, finding a coach...maybe because I've been single for so long. Who knows.

But finding the right coach for you IS like dating, because you're searching for that elusive "soul mate"!

That one amazing coach that just gets you, challenges you and takes you to new heights in business AND in life. And that's no small feat! For the coaching relationship to be a complete success, you need to find the right fit for you.

Because the coaching relationship requires TRUST!

But in a crowded industry, how on Earth do you weed through all the coaches out there, to find your soul mate coach?

Well, you just follow the 7 steps I recommend you take, to find and hire your soul mate coach!

Follow these 7 steps to find and hire your soul mate business coach!

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Are you active in Facebook or LinkedIn groups? Know anyone who has worked 1:1 with the type of coach you need? ASK for a recommendation! People who have worked with coaches (or are life-long fans), will JUMP on the opportunity to recommend a coach for you! Plus you have a personal stamp of approval from someone trustworthy!


Did you get a great recommendation or find someone online? Research the HECK out of them! Google, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. Look. Them. Up. Find out everything you can about them. Take notes!

A great coach won't mind you cyber stalking them a bit *wink*


Listen, your initial meet and greet call is like an interview for BOTH of you! Get a real feel for their coaching style, their personality type and them as a person! Are they willing to answer questions? Do they answer questions readily or are they hesitant? Do you feel a REAL sense of transparency from them? Take note of ALL of these things to mull over.


Read the testimonials their previous clients have written. Check out the past clients as well. Can you find them online? If so, reach out to them and ASK them about their coaching experience! What was it like working with xyz? This way you can get a PERSONAL recommendation for the coach.

Step 5. DON'T RUSH

Do not, I repeat, do not feel like you HAVE to sign up on the initial call! If you haven't had ample time to do your research, let the coach know you need some time to think it over. Of course, we love it when you just throw money at us, and I recommend doing the bulk of your research BEFORE the call, BUT ultimately we'd rather have you jump in with both feet when you're READY!

No doubts, no hesitancy, just complete faith.


Hey, at the end of the day, if we listen realllllly closely, intuition speaks. Idk how it works, but it does. So after you do your research and you've had your initial meet and greet call, pay attention to how you feel! If something feels "off", trust that instinct. Do further research or walk away. You never know what bullet you'll dodge!


You've done your research, followed up, listened to your gut- yay! Now that it's time to sign, you BETTER READ that entire contract!! Every good coach sends a contract but it's YOUR responsibility to read it over. Some coaches (such as myself) will go through it with you if you need to, but you STILL need to go through it on your own.

Do you have a lawyer? Ask them to glance over it! Make sure that the terms of the contract are CLEARLY laid out and that you feel COMPLETELY covered when you sign it. The contract will cover things like- cancellations, missed sessions, late fees, payment plans, legal recourse etc. PRINT THAT BABY OUT AND SAVE IT! God forbid anything happens, you want a HARD copy!

So there you have it, 7 steps to follow so you can find and hire your soul mate coach!

And just like in dating, it may take some time to find your soul mate coach. You may have to go on a few dates (interview a few coaches) and kiss a few frogs (think you've found the right coach but they turn out to be a dud) before you land on that wonderful soul mate coach!

Are you currently looking for a coach? Or have you landed on your soul mate coach? Drop a comment below and let me know!

Am I Your Soul Mate Coach?

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